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Ranger Farms™ is not just a
business, it’s a lifestyle.
We do what we love and love what we do.

Products & Brands

Ranger Honey™ is totally unprocessed honey. Gathered from forests and fields of wildflowers planted by nature in Lithuania. We strive to produce environmentally mindful goods while ensuring the health and survival of our honeybees.
Ranger Honey is a leading supplier in the honey industry, providing exceptional raw, organic, pure, natural and bulk honey choices to various industries.
Our raw honey is valued by honey lovers and chef cooks of most reputable restaurants in Lithuania. Ranger Honey™ is also popular choice of healthy and natural raw food lovers in USA, UK, UAE and France.

There seems to be no limit to what is possible with Ranger Wood™. Doors, Windows, Tables, Shelving, Chairs, Wine Racks and Merchandising Displays are only some of the products Ranger Wood produces.
Interior Decorators, custom home Design Architects and General Contractors are all an important part of the customer base of Ranger Wood. We do bespoke woodworks for your home, film production companies, village tourism ranches, hotels, SPA’s, as well as numerous restaurants, offices, retail shops, bars and clubs.
Working together with our partners we manufacture wooden houses.
We successfully export Ranger Wood™ products to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany and Austria.

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We are thankful for all of our clients/customers. You are the ones who drive our business and we are so appreciative of you. We would like to say thank you for your trust and belief in us.

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