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Welcome to Ranger Farms

Ranger Farms™ is a small family farm located in Lithuania. Our main production is Ranger Honey™ – pure, raw seasonal honey, bee pollen, handcrafted soap, and beeswax candles. We strive to produce environmentally mindful goods while ensuring the health and survival of our honeybees. We hope our products serve to educate others about the gentle honeybee and the gifts from the beehive.

Occasionally we produce herbal tea, natural 100% apple juice, strawberry, raspberries, variety of non-GMO tomatoes and cucumbers.

Family owned and managed, Ranger Farms™ ships Non-GMO farms produce year-round to retailers throughout all the Europe, Middle East and USA.

Farm Details

Voverio Ūkis (Ranger Farms™)

Farm ID: 4269483
Bee Farm ID: 4269483
VAT Nr.: LT100011195712

Reg. Address: Metelių kaimas, LT-67482 Lazdijų r. Lithuania

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What else we do

At TreeFur™, we design and build custom solid wood furniture such as dining room tables, coffee tables, retail shelves.
Basically if it can be made out of wood, we can create it for you!

Also we manufacture wooden beehives, wood bee hive frames and other wooden beekeeping equipment.

We are justifiably proud of the quality of our products we offer!